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All items now Available 

lemon Balm 
Green beans 
upland cress- watercress but for land
poc  and totsi choi
Snap dragons (edible)
Flat Parsley
Blue butterfly pea flower
Nastrutium (sold Out)
Collard green 
mustard green
 Spinach - baby 
Hawaiian Chill pepper
Sweet peppers- Green to red, yellow and orange
Japanese purple, lunch box mini
Lettuce- romaine, head, loose leaf

Celebrity, Jolene and Galahad(big) Tomatoes 
Tomatillos Tomatoes (sold out)
sage- sold out
Artichoke - sold out 
Chinese Cabbage

Green Cabbage
snap peas

foxtail palm
royal palm
betel nut (sold out)
Christmas tree palm
jaboticaba (Brazil Grape tree)
areca palm


Hanging Baskets - Now available
Citronella- now available
Trailing Geraniums- Now available
Trailing Verbena- now available
Hibiscus-now available
Rose of Sharon Hibiscus- now available
Butterfly Bush- sold out
Fuchsia- sold out
Evolvulus- now available
Heuchera- now available
Sedum- now available
Catmint- now available
Hydrangea- now available
Begonia- now available
Tree Tomatoes- now available

Strawberries- now available
Roses- Hybrid Tea, landscaping, Climbing, Grandiflora and Floribunda- Now available- now available
Hideote Blue Lavander - sold out
Hawaiian Cotton - sold out
Snow on the mountain top tree - now available
Kakui Nut tree- now available 

Strawberry Papaya


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